Brit's residing on Spain's Costa del Sol SHOCKED to see packed bullfight despite Coronavirus regulations

Brit’s living as ex-pats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are shocked to see a packed bullfight take place in Fuengirola despite COVID-19 self-distancing regulations

British nationals living on Spain’s Costa del Sol watched in horror as the first bullfight of the season took place in Spain’s Fuengirola.

The ex-pat British nationals were shocked to see the bullring full of thousands of people whilst the region remains under restrictions for social distancing.

Music promotor based in Spain’s Fuengirola said: “It’s so sad that this amount of people are allowed to gather to watch animals being killed this evening in Fuengirola, surely it would be better to have live music?” he questioned on social media.

Richard Borthwick stated: ” It’s so sad how many people want to sit together like that and watch such cruelty”

Udo Burkhardt questioned the priorities in Spain as she remarked: “It shows once again, where the priorities lie in Spain”

Yesterday in Fuengirola advertising trucks patrolled the streets from early morning, right up to the start of the event, which left hundreds not impressed as it passed.

Although Ray Frost believes it’s not just Fuengirola as he remarked ” This is happening all over Spain, I guess they do what they like when they like, nothing seems to stand in way of tradition”

Great Morning Britain TV host Lorraine kelly’s, fitness coach when the tv star and household name is at her Spanish home, had the last word as Nicki Addis stormed:

“Unbelievable, so many live venues not allowed to have large groups for music, yet bullfighting is still being allowed in Spain tonight. You cannot grieve your loved ones, a limited amount of people allowed at funerals, you have to wear a mask outdoors even if you can maintain social distancing, yet large crowds are allowed to participate in bullfighting. How on earth can the general public accept the deprivation of basic human rights whilst others are allowed to what they want!!!”

The event last night that was also broadcast on television has certainly upset British nationals, who on a daily basis adhere to full social distancing current regulations, those regulations endorse wearing a face mask at all times even when social distancing a well as many other tight regulations.

A belief of many in the town of Spain’s Fuengirola is that the event was allowed to take place as the local Town Hall profit from the “sport” of slaying bulls.

Mike Hinder who was disgusted that the event went ahead claimed: “Town halls make money from these events, that’s why they are allowed to proceed, the bullfighting scenario is run like a mafia.”



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