NHS Covid contact tracing app gets underway

A trial of the English coronavirus app is getting under way.

The app lets people know if they have been near someone with the virus and will tell them to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

The app is being trialled in the London Borough of Newham, on the Isle of Wight and among NHS volunteers.

Once given the green light to go ahead it will be a gamechanger for those needing clarification about whether they have the virus or if someone else does.

They will be able to purchase it on the Apple and Google’s online stores, but users will need to enter a special code.

It also comes in five languages with more to be added to cater for the demographic of England.

This development has also been welcomed by those involved with Switzerland’s SwissCovid app.

“While the updated Google/Apple exposure notification API [application programming interface] still aggregates and shuffles data for privacy reasons, it will expose more information needed by the app to compute exposure more precisely,” explained Prof Mathias Payer from the EPFL university in Lausanne.

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