Illegal rave party in Spain's Malaga shut down by police

An illegal rave in the El Viso industrial site in Malaga was shut down by police after drugs were found on the premises and people were caught without face masks.  

The rented property did not comply with COVID-19  health regulations therefore was shut down. Around 60 party goers were caught with no face masks on, and with drugs and alcohol.

Since it was mandatory to wear masks, there have been 4,002 fines given out for people not wearing them, including 30 fines being dished out in the illegal rave.

The police said in a statement that the events occurred at 4am on Wednesday. The local police during a routine night surveillance service saw large groups of people on the street with no masks on and drinking alcohol.

When the group of youths saw the police, they ran into a warehouse and locked themselves in. Backup was sent to deal with the incident.

The agents seized alcoholic drinks, cocaine, hashish and marihuana.

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