Turkish drone strike kills Iraqi soldiers including a General

 The strike killed a general and a brigadier in the country’s Border Guards in Iraqi Kurdistan, along with the driver of their vehicle.

“A Turkish attack using a drone targeted a military vehicle of the Border Guards in the Sidekan area and caused the death of the commander of the Second Brigade, the commander of the Third Regiment… and the driver at the wheel,” Iraq’s security media cell said in a tweet.

The killing of the two high-ranking Iraqi commanders has angered Baghdad, with the government cancelling a defence meeting between Turkey and Iraq which was confirmed by the Iraqi military.

They also summoned the Turkish ambassador to Iraq to rebuke the attack.

The Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar was meant to meet with Iraqi officials to discuss a peace strategy with Kurdistan.

The two commanders were meeting with members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) at the time of the attack when they were killed, the Iraqi military said.

The mayor of Sidekan, a town north of Kurdistan’s unofficial capital Erbil, noted they had been establishing new outposts in the Kurdish-majority region in a bid to prevent Turkish infiltration.

Iraq has repeatedly slamming Turkey’s operations against the Kurds as violations of Iraqi sovereignty as the majority of Kurdistan is inside Iraq.

Turkey maintains that both Baghdad and regional Kurdish officials are not doing enough to stem PKK attacks launched from the Iraqi side of the border, boasting of hundreds of airstrikes on the group in recent months.

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