'The police are NOT racist' says black London mayoral candidate

Conservative nominee Shaun Bailey claims class and community issues are being ignored in favour of racial point scoring.

He accused of other black politicians of playing up to the theatrics in a bid to get brownie points from voters rather than doing anything to stem inequality.

Mr Bailey said: “Yes, police make mistakes. But they’re not racist.

“Instead of political attacks, let’s improve relations between police and the communities they serve.”

London has been the epicentre of the UK’s Black Lives Matter movement with peaceful protests being marred by violence as some people clashed with police and far-right groups.

Monuments were graffitied and pulled from their plinth.

For Bailey, the dividing factor is class.

He said: “I’ve probably got more in common with white working-class people than I do with black people from wealthy backgrounds.”

However, people have attacked him on social media.

One said: “Shaun Bailey realized that getting [the] black vote wouldn’t help him so his strategy is now [to] prove to the general population he isn’t like other blacks.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “Pandering to and enabling racism is Shaun Bailey’s only hope.”

Bailey is in the running for being the new London mayor.

Current London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was furious after being left out of the PM Boris Johnson’s ‘second wave’ planning committee.

In a letter sent to the prime minister on Monday, Khan insisted that it was “totally unacceptable” for him not to be involved in the “far reaching” contingency proposals

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