QAnon supporter and anti-Soros Republican on track for Congress

Businesswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene won the primary for Georgia in a landslide victory on Tuesday night.

She won more than 57% of the vote over her fellow Republican John Cowan.

Greene has been attacked in the past for her support of the ‘QAnon conspiracy’ group.

Backers of the movement generally believe deep state actors are targeting the Trump administration, some going further to allege elaborate child sex trafficking rings among the rich and powerful, as well as Satan-worship and occultism.

However, Greene has labelled ‘Q’ – who is thought to be a government insider releasing information to the public on behalf of Donald Trump – as ‘patriots’.

Despite the controversy, Greene struck a resounding victory over her opponent on Tuesday, beating out Cowan by some 15 points, despite his status as a medical professional during a mid-pandemic race.

He only received 21% of the vote.

Greene is now slated to replace the outgoing Republican Rep. Tom Graves.

The Presidential elections take place in November.


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