No smoking on Spanish streets from tomorrow!

From Thursday 13th August smoking in Spain will be banned if social distancing cannot be maintained.

The area where this rule will occur will be in Galicia in the north of the country.

However, Madrid have not ruled out moving it to the whole of Spain.

Galicia President , Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who has argued that smoke and in transit is a dangerous factor in the transmission of the coronavirus.

His government have also taken control over areas such as hospitality and to also increase the number of diagnostic tests and restrict the presence of relatives in hospitals.

He said the ban will come into effect from tomorrow with fines given out if people do not follow the rules.

“If we can’t keep a distance of two meters, we can’t smoke . If we want to smoke, we have to maintain a distance of two meters, “the Xunta advisers warned.

PM Pedro Sanchez is yet to comment on whether it is just for Galicia or could be for the country as a whole.



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