More than 1 billion Android users at risk of spying from their mobile phones

Security researchers have analyzed the chip from Qualcomm that is used in up to 40% of Android mobile phones and have found “serious problems” with the coding.

This means that over 1 billion Android users are now at risk from hackers who could be able to access information on their mobiles, render them unusable or, even worse, be able to turn them into spying trackers.

The researchers warned that hackers would be able to use malware to render their attacks completely invisible to the user. Qualcomm, the firm behind the “System on a Chip”, have been notified by the security researchers but not disclosed information so as to protect members of the public.

Check Point, the company that has undertaken the research, spokesman Yaniv Balmas, said “you can be spied on and you can lose all your data. If these vulnerabilities are found by malicious hackers it will affect millions of people with very little they can do to protect themselves for a long period of time”

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