Coronavirus workers on verge of collapse as video shows buckets of sweat pour from protective suit

The viral footage on social media show a female worker in a hamzat suit open it up for buckets of sweat to pour all over the floor.

The shocking images and video show how hard people across the world are fighting the virus.

The worker was reportedly filmed on Saturday when the health worker was taking a break during her shift in Urumqi, the regional capital of Xinjiang in north-western China.

Xinjiang province has been battling a localized infection that has infected over 500 people since mid-July forcing people into lockdown there.

The measures in the lockdown include locking people in their homes and daily testing according to witnesses.

Millions of Chinese web users have been touched by the clip of the worker, hailing the health staff as ‘heroes’ as they continue to fight the virus in the summer heat.



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