Why do US Mainstream Media not report white 5 year old shot dead by black man?

Reuters,  ABCnews.com, Huffingtonpost and NBCnews.com are among just some of the Major US news sites that don’t deem it fit to report on the murder of a 5 year old white child, Cannon Hinnant by a black man in North Carolina.

Why is this? This is an actual conspiracy. These media companies have to make an editorial decision to blacklist stories like this.

The recent horrific murder of a 5 year old white boy, Cannon Hinnant, in his own front yard by a black neighbor Darius Sessoms in front of his sisters for some unknown reason does not appear in many mainstream US media outlets.

When you search for Cannon Hinnant on these sites NOTHING comes up.

Blogger Matt Walsh says on Twitter “This is an actual conspiracy. These media companies have to make an editorial decision to blacklist stories like this. It’s not like they haven’t heard of it. This is a considered and intentional decision to ignore the murder of a child, and the reason is that he’s white. We have seen seen a pattern of black-on-white violence being ignored by the press and white-on-black violence being hyped to fit an agenda.

The shocking nature of this incident belies any suggestions that the story wasn’t newsworthy on a national level. It is absolutely jaw dropping. While the killing of a child would seem to add to the story’s news value, some netizens argued that even murders of black children are largely ignored when the alleged perpetrator is also black”

According to reports the boy was cycling  in front of his home when Sessoms walked up to him and shot him point blank range in the head “for no reason”

US Police Department Carolinas District Task Force arrested Darius Sessoms and he was charged with murder.

Cannon’s mother told reporters that his seven-year-old and eight-year-old sisters had witnessed the horrific killing.

A fundraiser has been set up to help the family that has raised $12,000 so far. You can help out by going to this link https://www.gofundme.com/f/justice-for-cannon?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all

If anyone has further information on this then call:  Wilson Police Department at 252-399-2323 or Crime Stoppers at 252-243-2255

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