Angry homeowners hit out against "monstrosity" being built behind their street

Angry residents of a Cheshire town have spoken to their local council regarding the monstrosity that is being erected directly behind their houses in the next street.

Locals from Tourney Green in Warrington have hit out at the council after they granted planning permission for a 60ft high warehouse to be built just yards away from their homes.

They have also moaned that the builders are causing a massive amount of dust and dirt to cover their properties. The locals have said that the building is a “monstrosity” and an “eyesore” and that all it will do is devalue their properties.

A group of angry locals have called the planning decision for the construction of the warehouse “outrageous” and are demanding an explanation from Warrington Borough Council.

An original document from the planning office states that a 2 metre high fence was to be erected around the warehouse so as to obscure it from sight from local residents living nearby. This, however, would never be the case around a 60ft high building residents said.

Paul Taylor, a local who has lived on Tourney Green for more than 20 years, said that it had impacted greatly on the lives of everyone living there and caused the devaluing of properties to a great extent.

Four objections were given to the local authority which included concerns regarding close proximity, increased traffic, scale of the construction and noise pollution. A spokesperson for Warrington Borough Council said that all the objections were looked into and that the application for building was granted under approval of local development plans.

He finished off by saying that “conditions were applied to the application to mitigate the impact of the development to an acceptable level”.

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