Watch Will Smith and Jason Derulo pair up for golf lesson prank

In a hilarious golfing lesson prank, Jason Derulo appears to knock out the front teeth of his good friend Will Smith.

In a video posted to Instagram Smith is seen helping out Derulo by providing golf tips for him. Although he tells Jason not to swing the club yet during their indoor practice, he prematurely pulls the club back and it appears to knock out Will’s front teeth.

Smith, 51, is then seen to clasp his hand to his mouth in the video clip before revealing to the camera his damaged teeth. Derulo is heard to say “put some ice on it” before walking away from shot. The funny prank ends with Smith picking up his own club and smacking Derulo with it before the scene finishes with the 30 year old singer wincing.

Later on he shared a photo with him and Jason and it shows his smashed in teeth. The caption reads “I have to stop inviting Jason Derulo over”. The same photo was also shared by Jason saying “he is finally embracing his new smile”.

The prank comes just 2 months after Derulo posted a video along similar lines, with him breaking a tooth while eating corn on the cob off of a grill. He asked viewers how much did they think it would cost to fix the tooth, but days later it all appeared to be a hoax as he appeared in the Daily Mail with all his teeth intact.

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