Bomb disposal team brought in as unexploded mortar shell found in Norfolk

The ‘bomb’ was found at a beach car park near Horsey Gap in Norfolk, England.

Norfolk police established a security cordon around a beach car park and advised the public to avoid the area after a suspected “unexploded device” was discovered.

It was later found to be an unexploded mortar shell.

The item was not deemed to be live, according to Norfolk Police after they did a surveillance of it this morning.

It was taken away to be disposed of by the EOD team.

The car park was closed and a cordon was put in place as a precaution. It has since been reopened as has the surrounding beach areas.

Norfolk Police said on Twitter: ‘We can confirm that the device found this morning at Horsey Beach car park has been safely removed by Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers. It was not live, and is believed to be an old mortar shell. The beach car park is now open, and the area is safe.’

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