Spain's TRASH expat newspaper The Olive Press on the Costa del Sol gets it wrong YET AGAIN

Spain’s ex-pat media outlet known at the Olive Press on Spain’s Costa del Sol gets it wrong YET AGAIN!

On Spain’s Costa del Sol a title known as the Olive Press, famous for its howlers, has struck yet again.

Whilst performing yet another gutter snipe attack on it’s rival The Euro Weekly News for which editor John Clarke and his team have a reputation for, it appears the failed Daily Mail journalist and his team, despite shouting that they have amazing qualifications- cant read.

The Euro Weekly News had written a plausible article in where one of their journalists explained how he spoke to two government ministers and how they revealed the government’s plans in the event coronavirus figures continue to spike.

Although the Olive Press used the article for their own vendetta purposes with wild claims that the EWN had said that Spain WAS going into a lockdown scenario.

The laughable article by the commonly locally known “Trash Press” cited the Euro Weekly News for stating something they clearly haven’t for their own agenda.

Roars of laughter rang out in both Global247news newsdesks in London and New York when the howler was revealed.

After scrapping themselves off the floor at the obvious “ringer story”  staff were reminded of the seriousness of the issue.

It again exposes the seriousness of the situation of bad media reporting in Spain by ex-pat titles such as The Olive Press.

The Olive Press editor Jon Clarke goes as far asking for donations from the public on his website, whilst placing his son in private education, in one of the top 6 schools in Spain based in San Pedro Marbella reportedly, a story we are currently investigating.

“Maybe he should pop along himself and learn to read with his son” shouted Clive Wilson across the newsdesk as he burst out laughing.

All jokes aside though, it’s another reason to read Global247news wherever you are in Spain, so you get the real news from around the globe if you want the Beano you know where to go!

We can also confirm we don’t ask for donations or use customers money for private education purposes, full report to come soon!

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