Furious Ryanair passenger films crew speaking to him like a 'scum bag' over face mask

Ashley Morris was refused boarding onto a Ryanair flight because he couldn’t wear a face mask due to suffering from anxiety.

Ashley told his 150,000 followers on Instagram that he felt embarrassed and humiliated over the incident. He is on anti anxiety medication and anti depressants, and had been told by his doctor he is exempt from wearing a face mask.

In the video, you can see him walking up the steps of the plane, and asking the cabin crew if he is allowed to board the plane yet. The cabin crew respond saying they are waiting for more information.

He responds by saying: “I have just had to describe my medical condition in front of a whole plane.

“Got off the plane embarrassing myself” and stated to cabin crew he doesn’t have to by law provide any evidence of his medical conditions.

He went on to say that this should have been put in place before boarding the flight, and now the flight was running behind.

In a separate video, Ashley says to the pilot “you are telling me I can not board this flight” and continues to state that the government website says that by law you don’t have to provide evidence.

The pilot refused to speak because he was being filmed.

In a lengthly Instagram post Ashley wrote: “PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE

Can everyone watch this share it and tag @ryanair please πŸ™πŸ™

Spoken too and humiliated in front of a whole plane because I suffer with anxiety and am exempt form wearing a face mask

I am on anti anxiety medication and anti depressants and my doctor told me I am exempt from wearing a mask as I panic when wearing one and can’t breath properly and get really anxious.

The pilot spoke to me like I was a scum bag and told me I either Put one on or I leave but with a bad temper and attitude in front of the whole plane !

It states on the government website I do not have to give details of my medical condition


The post had mixed reviews from followers, one user wrote “masks don’t even work anyway, get them done for discrimination”.

Another wrote, “Just wear the mask not for your safety, for others, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19”

Ryanair has refused to comment on the incident.

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