Democrats try to get Kayne scrapped from Presidential nominations saying the rapper 'committed crimes'

State Democrats in Wisconsin say West submitted his papers ‘late’ and say he used ‘fake signatures’.

Some of the names included in the signatures include ‘Bernie Sanders’ and ‘Mickey Mouse.’

They were both listed as residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Democrats pushed to ban the rapper from he presidential ballot in the state in November saying his campaign was late to submit his nomination papers.

They filed the complaint on Friday to the  Elections Commission staffers, who will now make a recommendation on West’s nomination papers to the bipartisan board.

The panel is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans.

To make it onto the ballot, West needs to submit at least 2,000 valid signatures. His campaign turned in more than 2,400 to state regulators.

In relation to the accusation of fake signatures, attorney Michael Maistelman, who gathered the affidavits for the state Democratic Party said:  “If the affidavits are true … crimes were committed by the West campaign.”

The state of Illinois also said West hadn’t got the names in on time.

Several regulator addresses were also allegedly bogus as one circulator said he lived in an Illinois area zoned for industrial use only and a second listed a residence in California where he supposedly hasn’t lived in years, the complaint says.

A woman named Cheryl Pernell of Milwaukee County in the complaint said that someone approached her in a Walmart parking lot asking if she was registered to vote and asked her to sign a document confirming she was registered, and that was used for West’s ballot effort.

‘If I had known that, I wouldn’t have signed the papers, absolutely not. Kanye West would not get my vote and I think it is a joke that he is running for president,’ she said in the affidavit.

And Milwaukee resident, Wanda Thompson, said in her affidavit that she signed the petition only after the circulator said he got paid $1 per name.

‘If he hadn’t told me he was getting paid per signature, I would never have signed this nomination paper,’ Thompson said.

The Democrats are fearful that West will syphon the ‘black vote’ to him away from the Democrats, keeping Donald Trump in power from November.

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