Boris Johnson has said all schools will reopen fully  in England in September.

Boris Johnson said: ‘It’s not right that kids should spend more time out of school, it’s much much better for their health and mental wellbeing, obviously their educational prospects, if everybody comes back to school full-time in September.

‘It’s our moral duty as a country to make sure that happens.’

Speaking to reporters at a school in east London today, he said: ‘It’s very important that everybody works together to ensure that our schools are safe and they are – they are Covid secure – I have been very impressed by the work that the teachers have done, working with the unions, to make sure that all schools are safe to go back to in September.

‘A lot of work being done over making sure that there’s social distancing, bubbling, staggered start times, all that kind of thing.

‘But, basically, the plan is there – get everybody back in September, that’s the right thing for everybody.’

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