Warning as toxic fish discovered on British beaches

Swimmers and sunbathers on British beaches have been warned to be on the lookout for a dangerous spiky fish that really could ruin their day at the beach.

The Weever fish, with toxic spines, have been spotted washed up in shallow water and, if stood on, can cause an agony of pain and even heart attacks, although only one case of death due to the fish has been reported in the UK.

The Coastguard rescue team in Millom, Cumbria, have said that “It is advised for people, especially young children, to wear sandals or waterproof shoes while in rocky areas or shallow water.

Alternatively, stamp your feet whilst walking to alert the fish to your approach”. Their advice to anyone who is stung is to rinse the affected area with sea water, then remove any visible spines with tweezers or the edge of a credit card, making sure not to embed them deeper into the skin.

It is MOST important not to touch the toxic spines with your bare hands. Once all the spines have been removed, soak the area for 30 minutes in hot water, or towels if hot water is not readily available. This will break down the venom under the skin. The Weever fish can appear in any part of the UK as it is not localised to certain areas.

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