Travel Advice - Paris tightens facemask laws while Spain cracks down on nightclubbing

In the last few days it has come to light that many countries across Europe are doubling their efforts to prevent a second wave of the coronavirus from emerging.

Last night special units were deployed to visit clubs in the Spanish resort of Fuengirola near Malaga to enforce the regulations regarding the wearing of masks and the social distancing rules.

Officer Jorge Moreno, who was speaking to the Associated Press, said that the police presence was necessary so that people who fought against the laws would end up complying to them.

He said that since June 15th over 2,000 fines had been issued for non-compliance. According to a report from the Carlos III Health Institute, since lockdown in Spain was lifted, most cases appeared in the 15-29 age bracket.

Northeast Catalonia has already ordered all of it’s nightclubs to shut down altogether.

Meanwhile, in France, Face masks are being made mandatory in all outdoor spaces from Monday, including along the river Seine and busy outdoor markets.

However, tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumphe and Champs-Elysees boullevard with still be exempt. Positive tests in Paris now stand at nearly double the average, at 2.4%

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