Video: Man Shot in the back by Phoenix Police Officer as he kneels with his hand raised

Cop claims self defense as he shoots a man obviously complying with their orders THREE TIMES in the back.

Police were called to a noise disturbance in Phoenix Arizona on May 22nd this year. Ryan Whitaker answered the door at approximately 11pm holding a legal firearm. When confronted by the 2 policemen he kneels with his hand raised in compliance when officer Jeff Cooke shoots him 3 times from behind.

Brandee Nees Whitaker’s girlfriend stepped into the doorway seconds later screaming “Why did you guys shoot him?” Jeff Cooke replied “He just pulled a gun on us, ma’am”. Nees says “Because it’s dark and someone just knocked on the door”

The couple had been at home playing video games, when an upstairs neighbor called 911 reporting a domestic violence incident. Just earlier that day victim Whitaker had been to his daughters high school graduation.

They are demanding that Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams arrest Cooke for murder after the body cam footage was released. The department says it is still “Investigating” the incident.

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