Naked man chases a wild boar through a Berlin public park

A wild boar has been seen running amok through a public park in Berlin, Germany, being closely followed by a middle aged naked man.

The boar had earlier stolen the naked sunbathers bag containing his laptop and other personal belongings. Berlin local, Adele Landauer, caught the episode on camera as the chase ensued.

She has now posted them to her Facebook page. She said that many nude sunbathers use the park and that the boar are regularly seeing trotting about. They had, at first, eaten pizza from one of his bags before stealing the bag containing the laptop and making off.

Ms Landauer stated that the gentleman in question was extremely focused and gave chase behind the boars. After the debacle had finished she showed him the photographs she had taken and he was highly amused, giving her permission to share them online.

Famed for it’s relaxed attitude towards naturism, German sunbathers and swimmers regularly strip down to their birthday suits in the warmer months with many beaches and parks permitting nudity under the “Freikorperkultur” which translates as “free body culture”.

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