34 more pedophiles off the streets in California sting operation as pedophile cases worldwide escalate

Operation COVID Chat Down conducted by Fresno County Sheriff’s Office in California has reeled in 34 perverts looking for sex with children

Posing as 12 and 13 year old boys and girls on social media, officers were contacted by the perverts whose ages ranged from nineteen to sixty three.

Once the pervs arranged a face to face meeting with the “Kids”, officers arrested the pedophiles at the agreed meeting spot.

Due to increased time online for children during lockdown, pedophiles are working their social networks to rope in potential victims.

Sheriff Margaret Mims who headed the operation said one of the arrested was a previous sexual offender with a record of assaulting a child.

Recently pedophile arrests have rocketed due to increased time online.

In Australia recently a new law allowing judges to imprison pedophiles for life is set to pass the federal parliament in Australia.

British police have been arresting between 400 and 450 people a month for child related abuse. “The lockdown in March in the UK is thought to be the reason behind the huge boost in numbers as more pedophiles took to the internet to talk to children and commit sexual acts.”

The recent Epstein-Maxwell controversy has unveiled a whole slew of underage offenses.

A recent video we highlighted on YouTuber Shane Dawson attempting to justify pedophilia calling a 6 year old and naked babies ‘sexy’ went viral with thousands of comments on peoples obvious disgust as an “Influencer” with millions of followers spewed out totally inappropriate child abuse “humour”

To further throw fuel on the fire, recently Convicted child sex predator who says ‘ten year old boys are hot’ has WON an appeal saying his rights as a pedophile have been ‘violated’

Horrifying statistics for pedophilia in America:

  • FBI figures indicate child pornography is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S.
  • In the last ten years there has been an increase of 2500% in child pornography arrests
  • Over 60% of sex offenders in state prisons have committed offenses against children.
  • There are more than 750,000 registered sex offenders in America. Over one hundred thousand of these have not adhered to their restrictions and many are missing.
  • The U.S. Justice Department estimates that close to 300,000 children in America are at risk of sexual exploitation.
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates 100,000 American children a year are victims of child sexual exploitation.

Parents beware: Pedophiles target children using information gathered from social media accounts. They can find out children’s likes and dislikes for grooming purposes, what schools they go to and where they like to hang out.

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