Scorching temperatures in the UK set to continue throughout the weekend

With temperatures in some parts of the UK set to rise above 37C (98.6F) today (Friday) it looks like the summer heat that was experienced last weekend could be back but may even get hotter!

Last Friday saw temperatures rise to 37.8C (100F) at London Heathrow airport, always a “hot spot” for the highest temperature.

With the Met Office warning that it could be the hottest day of the year so far today, PHE (Public Health England) have issued a warning to people not to underestimate this weekends weather and to always be alert and not get “caught out” by the blisteringly hot temperatures.

This warning comes as a level 3 heat health alert, warning members of the public, especially the elderly, to keep windows and curtains closed thus not allowing their properties to overheat.

The level 3 warning is put into place when there is at least a 90% chance of heat-related health issues with the current one running until 9am Sunday morning. A Met office spokesman has stated that “everyone needs to take precautions when travelling, especially on Friday, as the last few days have been cooler and people are more likely to be caught out by the sudden rise in the temperatures.

If you are going to travel keep hydrated and apply sun screen cream”. People are expected to be heading for beaches and coastal resorts this weekend in droves which will bring it’s own problems regarding social distancing and the current state of the corona virus pandemic. Another problem will be for motorists who will most definitely be sitting in long queues of traffic.

It is recommended that they check coolant levels in their vehicles and not to overload it with luggage. Approximately 127,000 breakdowns are expected to occur between today and next Wednesday. Motoring experts Green Flag say that this works out on average at 15 breakdowns per minute.

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