Kirstie Allsopp sparks backlash on Twitter after controversial post relating to homeworkers

Property expert and star of Location, Location, Location, Kirstie Allsopp, has decided to take a break from her Twitter account after starting quite a large debate over her post regarding people working from home.

She managed to start the debate when she posted that if she was working from home she would be rushing to get back to the office in case bosses found cheaper labor from abroad.

Her post has sparked a backlash online and Kirstie has now said that it wasn’t worth the hassle and that she will be taking a break from “this toxic environment” as there are “nicer places to be”.

Just one of the furious comments on Twitter in response to her tweet

After getting lots of comments on her page she re-tweeted “That’s the last time I will be warning people about losing their jobs to cheaper labour, it’s just not worth the hassle”. Although many agree that her post was “spot on”, many said that what did a rich lady like her know about hard work and bought into question her right to be airing an opinion on the subject.

Kirstie was also accused of using “scaremongering tactics”, however her reply to that was that “people are scaremongering all day long about the COVID-19 pandemic, and if I’m scared of the economic damage that could occur then I have every right to voice my opinion”.

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