Hawaii to bring back 14-day quarantine for travelers between islands after surge in Covid cases

The state of Hawaii is to bring back a 2 week long quarantine for travelers after 200 new Covid-19 cases yesterday.

“This is the last thing that we wanted to do,” said Hawaii State Governor David Ige said during a news conference on Thursday.

“We have endured several months- all of us here, all across this state- of restrictions and had been successful in managing the virus and keeping the counts low. But as we reopened our community, people let their guard down.”

State Health Director Bruce Anderson said that the state saw “at least” 200 new coronavirus infections yesterday.

“We are approaching a health care crisis and bold measures are needed now,” Anderson said, adding that at least 117 coronavirus patients are hospitalized in Hawaii and 53% of ICU beds are filled.

The number could be higher than 200 as there is always a delay in receiving the official figures through.

Many establishments such as fitness centres will remain open but will roll back to ‘phase one’ lockdown settings in a bid to curtail the virus.

Oahu mayor Kirk Caldwell announced that all city and county parks and beaches will be closed beginning today (Friday).

The Honolulu Police Department has also set up a COVID-enforcement team and hotline, which will be staffed with 160 police officers and will start service on Sunday, August 9, at 10 a.m. to respond to complaints.

There also will be an additional 160 officers island-wide conducting “strategic enforcement.”

The 14 day quarantine means providing home and passenger details with border agents to ensure compliance of self-isolation.

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