Trump's lawyer says Black Lives Matter are 'terrorists' who' hate white people'

The lawyer for President Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, called BLM members ‘domestic terrorists.’

Guliani’s comments came on a podcast on Wednesday as BLM protests continue across the country.

He even likened the group to Antifa calling them both “domestic terrorist organizations.”

Guliani even said that black people know that BLM are terrorists saying: “Do you know who knows that best? African-Americans. I’ve actually had them tell me, why aren’t they classified as a terrorist group. Just because they are black, nobody can say it?”

He added BLM and other liberal groups hate “white men especially” and want to do away with the traditional nuclear family.

“These are killers and people who hate white people. They are people who hate white men in particular, and they want to do away with mother/father family. They don’t think fathers are necessary,” he said.

This organization is this close to being able to be designated as a domestic terrorist organization,” he said, adding that there are already the “beginnings of a pretty good case” available based on the group’s actions at protests thus far.

However, the Trump administration fear comments like these will alienate the left-wing further and people took to social media to show their disgust.

One user said on Twitter: ‘New flash Idiot. I believe Black Lives Matter and I do not hate white people. Last chance I checked I was a white person. it is about being treated fairly. Asking not to be killed because you were stopped with a tail light out is a threat to this country.’

And another said: ‘Wouldn’t they have killed some people by now if they are killers? I mean they’ve been in existence for six years.’

Giuliani’s rant can be heard on the podcast ‘The Pod’s Honest Truth.”

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