Air bridges between UK and Spain

Italy has threatened to stop all Ryanair flights coming into the country after accusing them of ‘breaking coronavirus rules’.

The Irish airline currently flies to 29 airports in Italy from all across Europe.

The Italian civil aviation regulator ENAC has claimed that Ryanair have shown non-compliance with rules introduced to tackle Covid-19.  They have accused the airline of “repeated violation of anti-Covid-19 health measures drafted by the Italian government and in force to protect passengers’ health”.

Ryanair have responded to the claims made by ENAC and said that they are “factually incorrect” and insisted it is “committed to the highest level of safety for our passengers and crew at all times”.

It said its procedures are “in line with the safety recommendations and measures set out by the Italian government”.

ENAC has warned that if the violations continue then they will ban Europe’s largest budget airline from flying into the country.

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