President Trump claims Beirut explosions were a 'deliberate attack'

President Trump called the blast a “terrible attack” at the White House on Tuesday.

He even said his generals from the United States military agreed with him.

“I’ve met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that this was not some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of event,” the president told reporters.

“It was a bomb of some kind.”

However, Pentagon officials have said none of them believe this and that they were still gathering information about the incident which has claimed over 100 lives.

The defence secretary, Mark Esper, said yesterday: “Most believe that it was an accident as reported.”

Also on Wednesday the president said the question was still unanswered.

“I can tell you whatever happened, it’s terrible. But they don’t really know what it is. Nobody knows yet,” he said.

“How can you say accident? Somebody … left some terrible explosive-type devices and things around perhaps. Perhaps it was that. Perhaps it was an attack. I don’t think anybody can say right now.”

“I’ve heard it both ways,” he added.

“I would advise against listening to Donald Trump at the best of times, let alone the worst,” Tom Fletcher, a former British ambassador to Lebanon, said.

“You can’t show up unprepared for the Middle East. Careless messaging from the White House has consequences, even when no one takes the tweeter seriously. I hope future American presidents will try to help put out fires in the region, not fan them.”

Lebanese diplomats have apparently sought more clarification from Trump’s administration about the comments.


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