Man wakes from coma to discover COVID-19 killed his family

A man who woke up from an induced 3 week coma while he battled COVID-19 discovered that the deadly virus had claimed the lives of his mother and her boyfriend.

Scott Miller, 43, contracted the disease in March after his 76 year old mother Norma had also tested positive while being treated in hospital after a fall. And it was while Norma was in hospital that Mr Miller also tested positive reports say.

He was rushed into the same hospital as his mother, the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, and placed into an induced coma to help save his life. Upon him waking up three weeks later he was devastated to find that the disease had claimed the lives of not just only his mother but also her partner who was 69.

The three of them all lived together in the same house. Talking to reporters on how he discovered the dreadful news Mr Miller said that he knew something wasn’t right when he came round from the coma and when a nurse broke the news to him he was in “total shock and disbelief” that the virus had claimed the lives of the two people he held most dear and were part of his everyday life. Mr Miller, who lost three and a half stone during his fight against the virus has now warned people not to become complacent to it. He stated that it is a real killer and he didn’t think people were taking it seriously enough.

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