Horrific CCTV Footage shows Hit and Run on Birmingham Dog walker injure woman and kill dog

A woman out walking her dog near Birmingham has been hit by a car from behind.

Police have released an urgent appeal for any information people may have regarding the incident. They have said that the dog walker survived the hit and run accident, however her dog, Millie, died at the side of the road.

Officers are also looking to trace a second vehicle believed to be involved in the incident, a black Vauxhall Astra.

The incident happened at around 5pm on Wednesday 22nd July as the woman was walking her dog along Doe Bank Lane, Great Barr, on the outskirts of Birmingham. The Clio is said to have lost control and in a spume of tyre smoke crosses the lane and plows into the woman. A Police statement said that they are urgently trying to trace both the Clio and the Astra as they believe that the two vehicles were travelling together and that they are possibly all friends.

They finished up by urging anyone with information to come forward. DVLA records show that the Astra’s road tax expired in June so was being driven illegally.

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