America's National Rifle Association sued for alleged misuse of charitable funds worth 64 million dollars including dinners and private jets

New York and the District of Columbia’s Attorney Generals have moved forward to sue the NRA over the misuse of funds by senior management.

In seperate lawsuits, both regions have filed the findings accusing the NRA of diverting millions of dollars away from its charitable mission and into the pockets of its senior leadership.

New York’s Attorney General Letitia James said the state’s charity laws have been ‘violated’ by the NRA.

The lawsuit is targeting the gun-rights organization as a whole, but also names senior leadership, including NRA Chief Executive and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Others named are Woody Phillips, former treasurer and chief financial officer; Joshua Powell, former chief of staff for LaPierre; and John Frazer, a general counsel for the group.

They were filed in the New York Supreme Court, accusing LaPierre and others of embezzling $64 million over the course of three years for personal use, including on private jets and extravagant trips and meals.

LaPierre is accused of using the funds to take his family away on extravagant holidays including to 5 star villas in the Bahamas.

DC Attorney General Karl A. Racine also announced a similar lawsuit against the NRA on Thursday, alleging misuse of charitable funds.

“Donors gave money to fund firearms safety, firearms education and marksmanship training. Instead, that money was diverted to support wasteful spending by the NRA and its executives,” Racine said.

He claims the group broke DC law by issuing risky loans and paying fees with no oversight.

President Donald Trump reacted to the lawsuits by saying they are a “terrible thing” and suggesting the NRA should “move to Texas,” according to press gathered on the White House South Lawn on Thursday.


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