3 males scale wall into President Trump's property with an AK-47

The three males climbed the wall of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida carrying a loaded AK-47.

The trio aged 15 were all arrested by Palm Beach police and taken into custody.

Michael Ogrodnick, Palm Beach Police’s spokesman, said the boys tried to dump a rucksack containing a loaded semi-automatic Mini Draco AK-47 with a 14-round magazine.

He added that the boys likely did not know they were on the President’s property at the time and said they were ‘lucky’ no Secret Service agents were there.

“Honestly, I really don’t believe they even realized where they were in terms of location and proximity to Mar-a-Lago,” Ogrodnick said, suggesting they did not deliberately break into the president’s club, which is closed for the summer due to Covid-19.

Palm Beach police say the boys fled on foot from their vehicle after police tried a traffic stop and in their desperate bid to escape must have ended up scaling the wall to Mr Trump’s resort.

They claim they found the loaded weapon, and as of Wednesday police have no leads on its owner.

The boys all remain in custody at a juvenile detention facility, each charged with trespassing with a firearm, burglary with a firearm and resisting arrest without violence.

The State Attorney’s Office has yet to decide whether they will face felony charges as adults.


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