220 Police callouts to Thugs home results in suspended sentence and a house ban for friends

Carl Potter, 38, and Daniel Davies, 34, have been stopped from visiting each others houses due to their unruly, drink fuelled behaviour.

They have been banned in a landmark court order after their violence towards each other and neighbours whilst drunk has spiralled out of control.

The pair, from Tyneside, have been causing the Police no end of trouble since 2015 and they have had enough of being called out in the early hours of the morning after telephone complaints from the pair’s neighbours.

Police added that one family had so much aggravation from Mr Potter and Mr Davies that they have had to move home due to their intimidating behaviour.

The Inspector of Northumbria Police, Don Wade, said that “they have demonstrated a total lack of respect for the law, having been given numerous warnings to change their ways but have shown an obstinate disregard for themselves and those living in the vicinity”. He added that should Mr Potter or Mr Davies re-offended they would face a custodial sentence.

After being in court last week Mr Davies received a suspended jail sentence for the verbal attack of a disabled resident, causing her sleepless nights. The rowdy pair must also attended an adult recovery program to help them with their alcohol misuse in the 2 year injunction handed to them by South Tyneside County Court on July 10th.

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