Sex ban back on in parts of Northern England under new coronavirus restrictions

New corona virus rules imposed in the North of England state that people who are not from the same household can no longer get together.

This is bad news for couples who do not co-habitate as they are now banned from staying over the night or having sex indoors!

The new regulations were issued by the Government on Tuesday and covers Manchester, parts of East Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Although the new rules state that gatherings in peoples yards and gardens are forbidden, places such as hotels and bed and breakfasts do not come under the ban so couples are still able to meet in hotels rooms.

Gatherings of more than 30 people, either inside or outside, are also forbidden under this “emergency period” and Police will be able to enforce the law, dispersing larger gatherings, instructing people to return to their homes or even removing a person with “due force, if necessary”.

Anyone who is found to be breaking these laws will be subject to a £100 fine but be warned, Human Rights barrister Adam Wagner, has said that fixed penalty notices can go up to £3,200 for repeat offenders.

Gatherings that are deemed to be “reasonably necessary” will still be allowed to go ahead. These include education, childcare, work purposes, emergency assistance, helping someone avoid injury, helping someone move house and providing care for a vulnerable person.

The new laws came into force from midnight last night (4th August).

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