Russians say new drug 'Avifavir' is capable of suppressing coronavirus

All the subjects involved in the Covid-19 tests are in good health, Russian authorities say.

Avifavir, which is an antiviral medication used to treat influenza in Russia, is said by the Russians to have accelerated the removal of the coronavirus from the body in more than half of the patients involved, and caused no serious side effects.

The studies have been taking place at the Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, in the Siberian capital Novosibirsk.

Researchers at the facility said: “The pilot part of our randomized and open clinical trials demonstrated that Avifavir possesses rapid antiviral action.

“It eliminated the virus in four days in 62.5 percent of patients. Soon, we will study how different dosages influence the rate of recovery.”

In the vaccine testing trial, three volunteers out of five have already been inoculated they said.

And the fourth person is being vaccinated today (5th August 2020).

The five volunteers, aged 18 to 30, are participating in the first stage of the clinical trials. They enter the study in turns, in a ‘stop-time’ regime with 72-hour intervals.

“All vaccinated volunteers are in good health. No complications after the inoculation with the EpiVacCorona vaccine against the coronavirus have been recorded,” the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing said.

“Double vaccination after 21 days is planned. The vaccine should facilitate the development of immunity against the coronavirus infection after double administration with a 21-day interval. The data collection on the antibody levels will begin after the first inoculation,” the officials explained.

Avifavir is a Russian version of the favipiravir influenza medicine that was developed in Japan.

At the end of May, it received a registration certificate from Russia’s Health Ministry and on June 3, was included on the list of drugs used to fight coronavirus.

The results of these pilot observations will help the researchers conduct full clinical trials quickly and efficiently, with the hope that they will confirm the effectiveness and safety of the drug and open the way for its practical use.

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