Pakistan International Airlines Sack 63 in Fake License Scandal

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has fired 63 members of staff as the fallout from the fake license scandal continues. 5 of the 63 were pilots whilst the others were in various positions including 28 employees who were fired for holding fake education qualifications, and 27 who were fired for being absent from duty without prior notice. A further 2 members of staff  were fired over an embezzlement charge with the remaining employee fired for incompetence.

In June after the preliminary reports of a Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 crash were published, the Pakistani government indicated that there were a significant number of pilots with fraudulent licenses. 150 were suspended as a result of this. The preliminary reports indicate that the crash in Karachi which left 97 people dead was down to human error by the pilot and air traffic control. Further to this PIA were banned from flying into Europe and the USA and this ban remains in place.

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