Breaking: Another blast breaks out in the Middle East near Dubai sending smoke and fire into the sky

An enormous fire has erupted after a blast at a food market in Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.

It comes just 24 hours after a fireball which has claimed over 100 lives in Beirut, Lebanon and also injured over 3000 people.

Firefighters and civil defense crews are battling a major fire at a fruit and veg market in the city of Ajman 10 km from Dubai.

It is another coastal city, the same as Beirut.

Like the explosion in the Lebanese capital, this one also has no cause straightaway and there is speculation about what it could be.

The fire broke out around 6pm local time after what witnesses say was a blast followed by a huge fire at the fruit and veg market.

The market has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, however the nearby hospital had to be evacuated because of the blaze.

More to follow.

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