Boris Johnson's government to DEMOLISH houses which have had coronavirus

The measures come as Boris Johnson gave local councils the power to do ‘anything necessary’ in the bid to tackle Covid-19.

The document given to each council – published by the Department of Health and Social Care – advises councils that, under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, they can apply to a magistrate “to impose restrictions or requirements to close contaminated premises; close public spaces in the area of the local authority; detain a conveyance or movable structure; disinfect or decontaminate premises; or order that a building, conveyance or structure be destroyed”.

This means if buildings including homes, and vehicles cannot be cleaned of contamination then they may destroy it.

Cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes could also be destroyed subject to the approval of magistrates.

These local councils will be able to draw on six separate Acts of Parliament which will enable the quick closure of public buildings.

Other powers given to them include reclosure of schools, non-essential establishments and even mass testing of people.

With regards to the demolition of people’s homes one account on Twitter joked: “Sir you’ve tested positive for the Rona. For everyone’s safety, we are going to have to bulldoze your home.”

“Can I pack my things before I leave?”

” you will be inside the house during demolition. Have a good day.”

Councils have made the use of local lockdown laws with cities in England such as Leicester being quarantined to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The UK government see these localized lockdowns as the best way to move forward through the pandemic with Boris Johnson desperate not to return to a national lockdown due to economic growth and popularity of his conservative government with elections coming up.

46,299 people have died of Covid-19 in the UK.


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