Widow of bus driver beaten to death over facemask dispute speaks out in Video

Speaking out in an interview that has been released on video, the widow of a bus driver has said that her family have been “destroyed” after her husband was left brain dead by passengers on his bus.
The brutal attack took place in the French south west town of Bayonne earlier in July when Philippe Monguillot, 59, got into an argument with 4 passengers that refused to wear face masks after getting on his bus.
French laws state that masks must be worn on all public transport systems.
In the emotive video interview his wife, Veronique, recalled the moment she first saw him lying in a hospital bed. She said that she denied it was her husband as it didn’t look at all like him, one side of his face was swollen to twice the size and was black and blue.
There were pipes and tubes everywhere she stated.
The family had to make the heartbreaking decision to turn off the life support as the extent of his brain injuries became clear.  Veronique hopes that the judicial system will prevail in the fight to bring her husbands killers to justice.
She ended by saying that she and her daughters are destroyed and that they don’t understand why it happened and are mad at the world.

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