UB40 frontman Duncan Campbell suffers stroke age 62

The singer, best known for his renditions of ‘Red Red Wine’ and ‘Kingston Town’ was hospitalized after the stroke.

His group, renamed UB40 Featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey, said he was ‘about and about’ though and released a statement saying:

“We can confirm that our lead singer and brother Duncan Campbell was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke.

“While we can report that he is already up and about, we ask fans to respect Duncan and the family’s privacy as he works his way back to what we all hope will be a strong and speedy recovery.”

Campbell became the singer of the reggae band, best known for songs “Red Red Wine” and “Kingston Town”, in 2008 after his brother, Ali, quit.

Ali has been highly critical of his replacement and said watching his brother perform the band’s songs ‘makes my skin crawl’.

He has since toured as part of the breakaway group UB40 Featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey, and the two groups regularly hit out at each other in public.

Duncan was first offered the position of lead singer of the band in 1978, but turned it down, later joking it was because they were ‘c**p’ and that he ‘was too smart for them and he knew that they would get nowhere’.

The statement for Campbell concluded with: ‘We look forward to seeing you all on the road next spring.’


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