Spain's Canary Islands and Balearics will STAY on UK's quarantine list - Spain PM says it is 'unjust'

The Balearic and Canary islands will remain on the UK’s quarantine list despite pleas from Madrid to change the ruling.

This means those returning to the United Kingdom from these groups of islands will have to quarantine still on return, the same as those flying in from mainland Spain.

Spain is currently on the ‘red list’ with those having to self-isolate upon return for 14 days and having to give their personal information to border staff.

The Spanish ministers including tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, had pleaded with Downing Street last week in a hope to get the popular islands who rely heavily on tourism to be put on the ‘green list’ meaning no quarantine.

Maroto even said this morning that her government had sent Boris Johnson’s administration fresh data that showed it was safe to restart quarantine-free travel to both sets of islands.

However, the Boris Johnson’s spokesman saying there was no change to the quarantine advice.

He told reporters that ‘were some challenges in trying to look at this on a regionalised basis’ and made a decision ‘based on looking closely at the data’.

The Uk government have concluded that the island chains which include Majorca and Tenerife, are likely to remain under quarantine until it is lifted on the Spanish mainland.

Spain is leading Western Europe’s major countries with an average of 60 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez said it is ‘unjust’ and ‘British tourists would be safer in Spain.’

Ms Maroto said the islands have a ‘low incidence rate’ and that the UK should review its conditions for travel.

‘It is a decision of the British authorities, but we have given them all the arguments so that they can trust that their tourists are safe in Spanish destinations,’ she said.

‘If it is not the decision we expect, we will continue working with them.

‘For us, the best news is to have the destination open with the United Kingdom, which is our main issuing market.

‘We have the best protocols and are highly valued by the tourists themselves, who have transferred to their government that they feel safe in Spain. ‘

Last week, moments after the FCO hardened its stance on travel to Spain – forcing Britons returning to self-quarantine for two weeks.

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