Expat removal companies will have to defend themselves over claims of tax evasion on Spain’s Costa Blanca after reports are filed to the Spanish tax office

Reports have been filed to the Spanish tax office of tax evasion by  “man and van traders” on the Costa Blanca who call themselves removal companies.

A full investigation of tax evasion by traders operating in cash, and not declaring their takings will commence after-tax officers received complaints of black market trading after it was highlighted on social media groups.

One of the many complaints and allegations were made in Costa Blanca North as Torreclean & Van were accused of taking cash payments and not providing receipts on request or legal documentation.

Julie Towns claims to represent Torreclean & Van received much criticism that led to reports to the Hacienda on the Costa Blanca that has sparked the full investigation that will now commence.

Julie after receiving public complaints that were highlighted and noted by officers at the Hacienda had claimed in her defence:

“Hi, I’m Julie Towns from Torreclean and van. We are definitely a fully registered tax-paying company. I have been speaking to zoe for several weeks to organise this removal, she constantly changed what she needed culminating in asking us to transport her 2 large caged dogs. We really do not believe that any furniture was damaged in transit, we politely asked what she wanted us to do. We would either reduce the cost by €60 or she could claim on our goods in transit insurance (again fully legal). She chose to have the reduction, she also chose to pay €80. I could not reply to her many messages as I explained I was working and would be in touch later in the day. In law, in Spain, a receipt does not have to be given and a receipt wasn’t asked for. We have numerous satisfied customers and Paul is always very respectful of anyone’s belongings. Hope that clarifies the situation”

Julie”I don’t need to provide receipts” Towns

Global247news contacted to the Spanish tax office to see if reports had been filed and an officer told us:

” We have received many complaints about many operators working in the haulage industry citing that tax payments are being avoided in the Costa Blanca regions by way of non-tax declarations. We are not available to discuss individual cases although this is an industry we feel needs further investigation and we have tax avoidance officers investigating many reported cases”

It’s well known to many ex-pats on the Costa Blanca, “man and van crews” advertise services of moving goods for cash payments on social media and it’s believed tax avoidance officers are targetting these advertisements and posing as customers.

One of those services recently caught was brothers Bruce and Lewis Lockett, who told how they were nabbed:

“All we need was advertise on Facebook for backloads to the UK, we were coming down with a full van for the firm we work for and going back empty so advertised cheap backloads, we only had done about 6 jobs in total, when the tax office nabbed us, they had set up a job, we collected the load, took the cash, and 4 weeks later were requested to provide we were registered in Spain or provide a paper trail for the £500, of course, we never had it and were rumbled”

” The tax office in Spain, set up jobs, we got caught and many others will too,” said Lewis as he warned other operators.




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