Motorist fined for using car park in drive through COVID-19 test

A father of two has been left speechless after receiving a parking fine for using a car park that was detailed for coronavirus testing.

Geoff Pugh, 52, had taken his wife and two children for a mouth and throat swab at the car park in Edmonton Green shopping centre in Enfield on July 7th.

The site has been used continually during the lockdown period for such testing to take place. A “flabbergasted” Mr Pugh said that, after receiving the fine, he was about to pay it until he noticed the place and date on it and realised what it was for.

He went on to say that he had only been at the testing site for 23 minutes with his wife and two children aged 11 and 9 and, during this time, was directed by staff members where to go and what to do. A spokesman for Highview Parking (the company that runs the car park) said that it would be looking into any penalty charge notices (PCN’s) that have been issued “incorrectly”.

He stated that the car park was used for testing on specific dates and that on the date in question that Mr Pugh received his £90 fine they had not been notified until a week afterwards therefore having issued the fines already. He finished up by saying that any fines issued incorrectly on this or any other specified dates for testing will, of course, be cancelled.

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