Beirut explosion: Watch as explosion sends shockwave felt 150 miles away in Cyprus

At least 10 people are dead and hundreds more injured after a massive explosion shook Lebanon’s capital Beirut on Tuesday afternoon.

A shocking video shows several angles of the moment a huge explosion rocked the Lebanese capital.

The shocking video has claimed 10 lives so far, with reports suggesting there will be many more.

One witness said: “I saw a fireball and smoke billowing over Beirut.

“People were screaming and running, bleeding. Balconies were blown off buildings. Glass in high-rise buildings shattered and fell to the street.”

A photographer near the port saw people lying injured on the ground, and hospitals called for blood donations, but exact casualties were not immediately known.

Miles from the scene of the blast, balconies were knocked down, ceiling collapsed and windows were shattered.

The Lebanese Red Cross said hundreds of people were also taken to hospitals for treatment, but many remain trapped in homes damaged by the explosion.

Apparently in one of the hospitals there are over 500 wounded and people have had to be treated outside by emergency staff due to the overspill.

Lebanon’s internal security chief Abbas Ibrahim said the blast happened in the city’s port area and had a section that housed highly-explosive materials.

Chief Ibrahim refused to speculate on the cause and the amount of casualties so far.

Citizens in Cyprus 150 miles away across the Mediterranean said they felt a shockwave from the blast.

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