Tommy Robinson seen hanging out with 'White Lives Matter' footballer banner Burnley man on the Costa del Sol

The former English Defence League founder and leader is currently on the south coast of Spain and was seen rubbing shoulders with a banned Burnley fan who flew a ‘White Lives Matter’ banner over the Etihad stadium a few weeks ago.

Jake Hepple, 24, pulled the prank saying he was ‘sick of Black Lives Matter’ being painted all over football grounds and on player’s shirts.

He hired a private plane to fly the banner over the Etihad during the clash between Manchester City and Burnley on the 22nd of June, just days into the restart of the Premier League campaign.

Hepple, from Lancashire, was then banned for life from Turf Moor but also lost his job as a welder after he hit the national headlines.

And now he has been seen hanging out with Tommy Robinson.

Hepple has been reporter to have been taking time away from England in Fuengirola whilst Robinson has been spotted in the town and also down the AP7 in posh areas of Marbella including resorts and health clubs.

A source who did not want to be named said they’d seen the pair together.

“He (Hepple) was here with his girlfriend. I saw them both together in O’Brien’s Pub (In Fuengirola).”

On Twitter, one user said ‘ Remember Jake Hepple? He’s been seen in Spain with Tommy Robinson. Flew back to Manchester two days ago. Should be observing quarantine but will be out and about on the beers.’

Hepple responded to the Tweet with ‘What an absolute muppet. Get a life.’

Robinson has been filming from Spain where he has said to have found a school for his three children.

He fled to the country last week after reports of being a victim of an arson attack at his home in the UK.

However, he is now saying he may do a U-turn and return reportedly saying ‘The snowflakes haven’t seen the last of me yet.’


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