Syria accuses America of 'stealing oil' as they sign deal with Kurdish rebels

The Syrian government has accused America of stealing their oil after US troops were left in the north of the country.

President Trump had pulled the majority of the troops out of the country but left some behind in Syria to ‘protect’ the oilfields.

American lawmakers also admitted that a deal has been signed with Kurdish rebels with Senator Lindsey Graham saying that a deal had been signed to “modernize the oil fields in northeastern Syria.”

Graham asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo whether the Trump administration supported the deal, to which Pompeo replied “we are.”

Before the start of the civil war, Syria was producing 387,000 barrels of oil per day, of which 140,000 were exported to buyers including Germany and Italy.

The seizure of its oil reserves, coupled with US sanctions on its energy and export industries, have hammered the Syrian economy.

However, the Syrian government has accused the US of pilfering the oil for itself and has refused to acknowledge the deal.

In a statement to the state-controlled SANA News Agency on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry condemned a deal signed between an unnamed American oil firm and the SDF, calling the oil extraction “stealing” and the rebels “a cheap puppet in the hands of the American occupation.”

Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have been guarding the oil fields from ISIS fighters.

Trump hasn’t commented on the situation.

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