Shop workers facing "mask rage" as high levels of abuse are being recorded

Co-op, a main shop retailer, has announced that 990 incidents of abuse have occurred between 20th and 26th July against their supermarket workers.

It became obligatory in the UK to wear masks on the 24th July. The main abuse came when people were asked to wear the mask before entering the shops. Also when younger people were asked to remove them as identification when purchasing alcohol.

Retailers in general have shown a mixed response to the Government’s law with some supermarket chains employing compliance officers to turn people away who are not wearing the face covering. Whilst others, such as Sainsbury’s and Asda have publicly announced that they will not enforce the law on their customers.

Police officers have said that they will only enforce the rule and give out £100 fines as a “last resort”.

Strangely enough, the law does not state that shop workers are obliged to wear a mask, however it would be prudent for them to do so. Mask regulations will be extended to places of worship, cinemas and museums in England from the 8th August which are indoor areas where members of the public would come into close contact with strangers.

The Government say that a greater Police presence will be required to make sure that these new rules are being adhered to.

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