I wonder if swimming with 60ft Humpback Whales could be dangerous?

Answer: Of course it bloody well is

As a 29 year old  Australian woman is hospitalised with serious internal injuries at Ningaloo Reef and although it is a tragic accident, one has to wonder why on earth people think swimming between these huge creatures could be anything but dangerous.

The woman, part of a tour group on a snorkelling excursion, was treated in Exmouth prior to being flown to Perth, where she was in a “serious but stable condition” today

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) has authorised a five year trial allowing fifteen tour operators to take groups of up to nine people at a time to swim with the Whales.

Safety guidance rules stipulate that the swimmers must stay at least 15 metres away from the animals. That’s about the length of the average sized adult Whale!

They can swim at up to 25kph that’s 7 metres per second. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you they can move a lot faster than a human.

The DBCA said in a statement it was “working closely with the industry and the tour operator involved to understand how the incident occurred, and that swimming with humpback whales involved some inherent risk. Nearly 10,000 participants had swum with humpback whales since the trial began in 2016, with no previous incidents resulting in serious injuries.”


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