I wonder if swimming with 60ft Humpback Whales could be dangerous?

A 29 year old female tourist has suffered major injuries whilst swimming with humpback wales off the western coast of Australia.

She was with a group of tourists at Ningaloo Reef on when she was struck. In the deadly incident she reportedly suffered fractured ribs as well as internal bleeding.

A spokesperson for St John Ambulance said the woman had suffered internal bleeding and upper torso injuries “from the crush”.

It has been reported said she was trapped between two of the massive creatures which can weigh up to 30 tons and grow up to 16 metres in length.

She was initially treated at a local hospital in the town of Exmouth before being transported to Perth.

Nobody else was injured but the incident is being investigated by safety regulators.

The area is home to the largest population of humpback whales, which are regarded as safe to swim among despite their enormous size.

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