Breaking news: Israeli military conduct airstrikes on Syrian targets

Israeli airstrikes have occurred this evening in and around Damascus, Syria, reports confirm.

It is believed the targets were on military sites linked to Iran.

Reports from the city say that Syrian defence guns have been in action firing back at Israeli aircraft.

An Israeli helicopter was witnessed firing at targets in Quneitra on the Golan Heights border.

The attacks comes after a blast on Friday along the Syria-Israel border which the Syrians say was caused by an unsuccessful attempt by to intercept an Israeli drone with an anti-aircraft weapon.

However, the Israelis believe it was intentional rocket fire and retaliated.

“A number of targets were struck, including SAF observation posts and intelligence collection systems located in SAF bases,” the military said in a statement.

The strike came a few hours after the Israeli military said blasts were heard from the Syrian-held area of the Golan Heights.

No casualties were reported but a building and an Israeli vehicle were damaged, it said.

Attacks have continued into the Syrian capital this evening and there will be another update when it comes.

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